ActInPak Fair and Conference: Active and Intelligent Packaging on display

Based on previous successful network meetings, the Final Conference and MC meeting program will combine the dissemination of ActInPak activities during an external event with our own conference.

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Riga HD pics

Latest developments in A&I packaging and Opportunities for communication of ActInPak

On 5-6 of June a Working Group Workshop will take place in Riga. Participants are invited to give an update on the latest developments in active and intelligent packaging, and discuss the progress of our Action with consumer and environmental organisations.

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International Workshop Meeting

On 7th of September, Working Group 1 organises an Expert Panel Discussion in Budapest. For this panel discussion, mostly industry is invited to discuss the technological and scale up challenges of active and intelligent packaging solutions, and the development of a roadmap for future research and development to overcome those challenges.

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MC/WGs meeting: Application & Communication

Based on the successful Bled meeting, the program will comprise a Management Committee Meeting, a conference (this time with a focus on social sciences and application/implementation), as well as a design workshop.

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WG2+WG3 Meeting: AIP in the markets & sustainability issues

A special workshop meeting for WG2 and WG3 will take place at ITENE. The first day will focus on WG2 (e.g. Legislation, Supply chain challenges, Market introduction, Non-technological aspects, Consumer expectations) and the second day on WG3 (LCA etc.).

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Bled Actinpak Confrence

ActInPak Conference

Second MC/WG meeting will take place from 21 to 23 November 2016 and is combined with the Papermakers Conference in Bled, Slovenia. The meeting will be comprised of Management Committee and Working Group meetings, Conference, as well as session jointly organised with the Papermakers Conference on Wednesday.

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Status of current developments and challenges in active and intelligent packaging

Our Spring 2016 WGs meeting will take place on 4th and 5th of April 2016 in Munich, Germany. It will be organised jointly with PTS’ Innovative Packaging Symposium. These two days will be for the Working Groups to meet each other, both plenary (including guest speakers) and WG specific sessions. The plenary session on Tuesday afternoon will be open for industrial attendees to maximise the joint organisation.

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Utrecht, Nederland

WG2+WG4 Industry Workshop in cooperation with AIPIA conference

Make more out of your participation in the upcoming AIPIA conference. AIPIA, offering access to a unique global industrial network, teamed up with COST FP1405 ActInPak, a pan European network of the leading experts in Active and Intelligent packaging of over 50 institutes and universities of 28 different countries.

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Existing technologies and current developments in active and intelligent packaging

First COST Action MC/WG meeting entitled Existing technologies and current developments in active and intelligent packaging will take place on 15 and 16 September 2015 at University of Aveiro in Portugal.

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