ActInPak Fair and Conference: Active and Intelligent Packaging on display COST Action FP1405 Final Conference


On 20th of November, ActInPak results will be disseminated to a wide industrial audience during Austrian Packaging Day, for which all ActInPak participants are invited free of charge. 21st of November, our Final Conference will take place with a focus on final dissemination. As we aim to invite industry next to scientific interested people, the conference will be in form of a fair. Throughout this day, our results will be shared by means of oral presentations, poster presentations and an exhibition. Also, STSM students are invited to present their work. On 22nd of November, the final Management Committee will take place.

Photo credits: FH Campus Wien /Schedl



Please be aware of the different venues for each day!

Tuesday, 20th of November: Austrian Packaging Day
Venue: Aula der Wissenschaft, Wollzeile 27a, 1010 Vienna
13:00 - 18:30

Austrian Packaging Day
ActInPak members can join free of charge to interact with industry and share our knowledge. ActInPak will be presented during the Austrian Packaging Day by a presentation from the Chair and via an Exhibition.
Program can be found here: Austrian Packaging Day program


Austrian State Prize “Smart Packaging”
Prize giving ceremony


Alternative evening program
exclusively for COST ActInPak members
Guided city tour through the inner city of Vienna (registration required – starts in front of the venue)

Wednesday, 21st of November: COST FP1405 ActInPak Fair and Final Conference
Venue: Media Quarter Marx, Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna
8:30 - 17:00

ActInPak Fair and Conference
ActInPak Final Conference takes place by means of an industry fair. Throughout the day, our results will be shared by oral presentations poster and demonstrator presentations, and by means of an exhibition. Detailed program on next pages.

17:00 - 18:00

Evening program
Oldtimer tramway trip around the inner city of Vienna (registration required – Meeting point at the venue)


Networking dinner
Magazin 3 Hacken - Riemergasse 14, 1010 Wien

Thursday, 22nd of November: COST FP1405 ActInPak Final MC meeting
Venue: FH Campus Wien, Section of Packaging and Resource Management, Helmut-Qualtinger-Gasse 2 / Staircase 2 / Ground floor, 1030 Wien
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and welcome

09:30 - 12:30

MC Meeting
mandatory for participating MC members

12:30 - 13:30

Tour FH Campus Wien
Department Applied Life Sciences

13:30 - 14:30

Networking Lunch

ActInPak Fair and Conference

COST Action FP1405 MC meeting and final conference
21. November 2018 , Vienna, Austria
Media Quarter Marx, Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna

ActInPak Fair and with this the exhibition area is open throughout the day, from 9.00 till 17.00. Demonstrators, posters, and COST FP1405 ActInPak results will be presented in different pavilions.
In the meaning time, under the spotlight on the stage in the exhibition area, different presentation sessions will take place. Check the “Spotlight program” for detailed timings!

Main Program

08:30 - 09:00

Registration, including payment of meals*

09:00 - 09:45

ActInPak introduction and introduction of Papercode technology (Sanne Tiekstra)

09:45 - 10:35

Spotlight Presentations / Poster Session (parallel)
stage / poster room

10:35 - 11:05

Information and coffee/tea buffet

11:05 - 12:10

Working Groups Presentations / Poster Session (parallel)
stage / poster room

12:10 - 13:00

Information, group picture and lunch

13:00 - 13:05

Welcome back

13:05 - 13:35

Poster Session
poster room

13:35 - 14:25

Spotlight Presentations

14:25 - 15:30

Young researcher involvement, STSM Coordinator Marco Giacinti Baschetti

15:30 - 16:05

Information and coffee/tea buffet

16:05 - 16:55

Spotlight Presentations / Poster Session (parallel)
stage / poster room

16:55 - 17:00

Summary and closing


Evening program for ActInPak members

* ActInPak participants need to pay in cash for their meals on 21 and 22 November. This includes 2 lunches and 1 dinner of each €20 (so total €60). This you will get reimbursed via your OTRR.

Spotlight presentations program
(under the spotlight on the stage in the main exhibition area)

09:45 - 09:55

BillerudKorsnäs Paper Battery, new sustainable electrode and battery technology
Lars Sandberg

09:55 - 10:05

Keep-it® time- and temperature indicator
Marit Kvalvag Pettersen

10:05 - 10:15

All-in-One Connected Label
Ingrid Weixelbaumer

10:15 - 10:25

OXYCHECK - 100% Non-invasive Control of Oxygen in MAP Packages
Volker Ribitsch

10:25 - 10:35

Printed Sensors for Applications from Smart Packaging to IoT Sensory Solutions
Tomas Syrovy

13:35 - 13:45

Irreversible thermochromic printing inks suitable for application on food packaging
Marta Klansjek Gunde

13:45 - 13:55

An approach to develop smart and safe packaging: antibacterial and printed sensors
Hugo Spieser

13:55 - 14:05

Drinkable Book - Water Purification Filter Paper
Anouk Dantuma

14:05 - 14:15

Validation of activity of prepared biopolymer-based nanofibers containing plant essential oils
Aleksandra Miletic

14:15 - 14:25

Targeted communication of active and intelligent packaging for food
Katherine Flynn

16:05 - 16:15

Measuring the Consumer Value of Active and Intelligent Packaging
Virpi Korhonen

16:15 - 16:25

Tempix temperature indicator ― experiences of market entry
Marko Arola

16:25 - 16:35

Oxygen Scavenging “Active Label”
Bettina Röcker

16:35 -16:45

Freshness indicator label (freshcode)
Nuria Herranz

16:45 - 16:55

SuperFresh CO2 emitter
Marit Kvalvag Pettersen

Working Groups presentations program
(under the spotlight on the stage in the main exhibition area)

11:05 - 11:20

WG1: Development and innovation
Selcuk Yildirim

11:20 - 11:35

WG2: Industrialization and market introduction
Johanna Lahti

11:35 - 11:50

WG3: LCA and sustainability, health and safety
Greg Ganczewski

11:50 - 12:05

WG4: Knowledge transfer and dissemination
David Ravnjak

Poster Session - list of posters
(poster room)

  • The Use of Bioassays for the Detection of Genotoxic Hazards in Novel Food Contact Materials (Bernhard Rainer, University of Vienna)
  • Inkjet printing of stretchable conductor for packaging applications
    (Mieke Buntinx, University of Hasselt)
  • Plant extracts for improving the properties of packaging papers
    (Dimitrina Todorova, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia)
  • Printable Chemical Dosimeters for Visible Light, UV Light and Ozone
    (Michal Veselý, Brno University of Technology)
  • Hybrid nanocellulose/nanoclay composites for food packaging applications
    (Jon Trifol Guzman)
  • Bio-based Materials for Active and Intelligent Packaging Solutions
    (Johanna Lahti, Tampere University)
  • Consumers Perceived Value of AIP in Europe (Ana Dopico, University of Vigo)
  • Design of xerogel inks to detect bacteria and demonstration on food system
    (Julien Bras, Grenoble INP - Pagora)
  • New Approaches in Antioxidant Food Packaging
    (Cristina Nerin, Instituto de Investigacion en Ingenieria de Aragon (I3A))
  • Nanocellulose 3D printing moisture scavengers for food packaging
    (Eduardo Espinosa, University of Córdoba)
  • Potential active packaging films to prevent sunflower oil oxidation
    (Emmanuelle Talón Argente, Polytechnical University Valenica, Spain)
  • Bay leaves essential oil – based edible films for active food packaging
    (Esther Rincón, University of Cordoba)
  • Antimicrobial activity of biocomposite films containing cellulose nanofibrils and ethyl lauroyl arginate (Filomena Silva, University of Zaragoza)
  • An attempt to survey existing encapsulation systems in the packaging materials (Constantine Papaspyrides, National Technical University of Athens)
  • Large-Scale Roll-to-Roll Patterned Oxygen Indicators for Modified Atmosphere Packages (Mari Nurmi, Abo Akademi)
  • Targeted communication of active and intelligent packaging for food
    (Katherine Flynn, European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium)
  • End of life of Active and Intelligent Packaging (Sara Daina, Innovhub)
  • Development of Quorum-sensing peptidic inhibitors as novel antimicrobial agents (Avishag Yehuda)
  • Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs), Bio-building blocks for tomorrow’s materials
    (David Leibler, Melodea)
  • Biodegradable Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs) films and coating for barrier packaging materials (Tal ben Shalom, Melodea)
  • Comparison of the conventional molding techniques for preparation of eco composites as intelligent packaging material (Vineta Srebrenkoska, University Goce Delcev, Stip)
  • Evaluation of the Rosemary Extract Effect on the Properties of the Poly Lactic Acid-Based Materials (Petronela Raluca Dumitriu, Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry)
  • Alginate based active packaging for kiwifruit dry snacks
    (Cristino Sousa Dores, University of Algarve)
  • Chitosan-genipin coating: an alternative approach for active paper-based materials (Gonçalo Vieira Saraiva de Oliveira, University of Aveiro)
  • Agrofood byproducts as feedstocks for active bioplastics’ production
    (Idalina Gonçalves, CICECO - University of Aveiro)
  • BIOFOODPACK - Biocomposite Packaging for Active Preservation of Food
    (Paula Ferreira, CICECO - University of Aveiro)
  • The perception of intelligent and active packaging innovations in Slovakia
    (Ján Parobek, Erika Loučanová, Technical University in Zvolen)
  • Demands for temperature indicators suitable for mainstream consumer food packaging (Marta Klansjek Gunde, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)
  • Validation of activity of prepared biopolymer-based nanofibers containing plant essential oils(Aleksandra Miletić, University of Novi Sad)
  • Suberinic acids as paper coating for active packaging for cosmetic products
    (Tamara Gerić, estar cosmetics)
  • PLA/wild garlic active packaging for meat products
    (Tanja Radusin, University of Novi Sad and Nofima)
  • Recyclability of printed RFID tags (Diana Gregor Svetec, University of Ljubljana)
  • STSM: Microencapsulation of bioactives by emulsion electrospraying using natural deep eutectic solvents (Ahmet Ozan Basar, Atilim University)
  • Investigatıon of Coating Pineapple Slices with Different Emulsions by Electro-spraying Method(Sebnem Tavman, Ege University Engineering)


Presentations from this event are available at subpage Presentations from COST events.