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 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are COST networking tools aimed at increasing collaborations through exchange of researchers between Partners. STSMs are exchange visits fostering collaboration, contributing to the scientific objectives of the Action and allowing participants to learn new techniques and to have access to data/instruments/methods not available in their own institution/company. They are particularly intended for young scientists such as Early Career Investigators (ECI). 

STSMs can be from a COST Action participating COST country:

  • to another participating COST country
  • to an approved near neighbour country (NNC) institution and vice versa
  • to an approved international partner country (IPC) institution
  • to an approved European Organisation (and vice versa in case of RTD organizations)

Each STSM has to be started and concluded in the same Grant Period – that is between May 1st of one year and April 30th of the next year for ActInPak.

COST distinguishes between two types of STMS with the following duration and allowed funding:

  Duration COSTS
STSM 5-90 days 160 €/day up to € 2500
STSM by an Early Career Investigator (ECI) 91-180 days 160 €/day up to € 3500

More information can be found in the COST Vademecum (Pages 29-30)

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