MC/WGs meeting: Application & Communication


November 7–9, 2017

Place: Tzuba hotel, Judean Hills, Israel

Contact person: Zvi Hayouka

The third MC/WG meeting will take place from 7 to 9 November 2017, in Israel.

Based on the successful Bled meeting, the program will comprise a Management Committee Meeting, a conference (this time with a focus on social sciences and application/implementation), as well as a design workshop. Within this day, the participants will be asked to envision a scenario and make a prototype as a step forward from the demonstrators that were decided upon in the previous GPs. The workshop will be attended by different industries, scientists to be able to benefit from cross-sectoral approaches. Also Working Group Meetings will be hosted to follow up on previous meetings and work and draft further activities.

Furthermore, industry will be gathered and actively invited to participate.