Interactive Champagne Box

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What? “Campania” Champagne box is created to demonstrate luxurious and functional features in intelligent packaging for high end products like champagne bottles.

Where? Research & Demo – Stora Enso.


More details: It is fancy and functional. The package, which is made of polymer coated strong fiber based board, ensures safe transportation of the bottles and works as water tight cooler when opened. The demonstrator provides also additional functionality as it has integrated LEDs illuminating ice cooling the champagne bottle. This creates diamond like brightness which reflects off the ice and gives extra appeal for the product. The Champagne box utilizes electronics conductors which are printed directly on packaging board and innovative structure enabling use of traditional 9V battery as power source for high brightness LEDs. In addition to attractive LEDs and functional cooler the package includes also hidden NFC tag which is used to launch mobile application for interaction with consumers. The application explains the use of the packaging and gives more information about the champagne and for example food recommendations.

Simo Siitonen, Stora Enso

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