Interactive biodegradable Flower pot

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What? The pot is made of biodegradable materials and a moisture sensor is embedded in the soil. The sensor communicates with a mobile phone and the phone records the measurement data into a cloud server which can map the measurement results against e.g. daily weather reports. 

Where? Research & Demo – VTT, Finland.

When? 2016

More details: Market for sensors connected to cloud services is growing, and with roll-to-roll printed electronics it is possible to produce affordable sensors in large quantities. Ability to utilize biodegradable materials in products utilizing a variety of sensors would help to increase the eco-efficiency of the whole concept.

Sensor structure materials can be chosen in such a way that it results a biodegradable product. By using paper or other fibre based materials as sensor substrate and changing sensing conductive material from silver or aluminium to carbon based or polymeric materials this aim can be reached. Potentially needed barrier properties can be achieved by using e.g. polylactic acid which is commonly known biodegradable plastic. Antenna structure and other communicating parts which are not necessarily combined in biodegradable product can be done as a reusable part of sensing solution.

This concept combines VTT’s competences in biomaterials, printed and hybrid functionalities and digital services. Technology for implementing the concept is available, we are looking for the companies to be involved.

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