Application and selection procedure

Applicants can register online through the following website:

The following information has to be provided during the registration procedure:

  • the Action number;
  • the title of the planned STSM;
  • the start and end date;
  • the applicant’s details, including key academic details and workplan;
  • the applicant’s bank details;
  • the host institution;
  • financial data (amount for travel and subsistence)

After encoding the information a formal STSM application will be issued which has to be downloaded and sent by the applicant electronically (by e-mail as attachment) together with CV, full work plan*, list of publications motivation letter, letter of support from the home institute and invitation letter from the host institution and any other documents which the Applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application at the evaluation process to:

  • the future Host of the STSM;
  • the ActInPak STSM coordinator (Marco Giacinti B.:

*In the work plan, elaborate on the expected impact of the STSM on ActInPak as well as the expectations for dissemination of the work (e.g. a presentation during an ActInPak meeting, an external conference presentation, a video pod cast for the ActInPak website, etc.).

The complete application file (as described in the COST Vademecum), including MC approval, must be submitted at least three months before the start date of the proposed STSM.

The STSM coordinator will evaluate the different proposals on the base of the relevance of the topics addressed and of the proposed activities with respect to the COST action focus. Selection will be made every two months (approximatively January – March – May – July – September – November) and results will be communicated on the Action Website as well as via mail to the different applicants. Proposals declared as eligible will be funded until the total number of STSM considered for the Grant Period will be completed.

In case the number of proposals exceeds the number of available positions a selection will be made based on the following priorities:

  • Industrial STSM (from or to industries)
  • STSM involving young researchers (Master or PhD students)
  • Amount of funding requested (lower amount for the same stay will be preferred)

The possibility to fund additional STSM will be discussed within the Steering Committee depending on the budget available.

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