Self-opening package

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What? A prototype developed to demonstrate the possibilities of a new mechano-active cellulose-based material. The initially compact package grows as hot water is added, and finally opens ready for the meal.

Where? Research & Demo – designed by Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist at the Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, in a collaboration with materials scientists at Innventia.

When? 2013

More details: The starting point for the designers was the features of the material itself, a paperboard with active properties that respond to heat and moisture. Thanks to the expanding function, the package size is minimized which will avoid transporting air in the package. Normally, this type of food packaging consists of as much as two-thirds air. The material has gained a lot of interest and was named among the most innovative products of the pulp and paper industry by CEPI in 2015. The demonstrator itself was awarded The Dieline Sustainable Packaging Award 2013.

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