To identify the key social, technical and technological, economic, ecologic, and legislative factors that hinder this market introduction, COST Action FP1405 ‘ActInPak’: Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging – innovation and market introduction was established in 2015. Within this multidisciplinary platform, both science and industry gathered to gain insights in the barriers towards market introduction of AIP in fibre-based industries.  ActInPak provided a platform for open communication, linking i) research organisations in the areas of papermaking, packaging, printing, bio-based materials/ chemicals, ii) industry (large and SMEs), and iii) branch organisations and policy/ standardisation groups. This platform was created by organising various meetings, workshops and conferences on various topics relating to the subject. Both Invited Experts (from science as well as industry) and ActInPak participants presented their views to direct the network’s activities.

Results and insights are bundled in several publications with varying goals, but all ActInPak insights and results are consolidated in the Final Roadmap to direct future activities. This Final Roadmap has several layers; sustainability, technological, and socio-economic with different interests and prospects for different stakeholders. Additionally, separate roadmaps are published that only focus on either of the mentioned layers. Below you can view the Final Roadmap, and use the interactive publication to guide you to the detailed roadmaps.

  • Final roadmap (combined)
  • Development/Innovation (WG1)
    The WG1 Roadmap focuses on major technical challenges to overcome for the successful exploitation of AIP packaging solutions and opportunities for the development of smart packaging through market drivers, solutions, enabling technologies.
  • Industrialisation/Market introduction (WG2)
    The WG2 Roadmap focusses on socio-economic aspects, meaning it only addresses aspects relating to the interaction of social and economic factors – in the case of AIP, consumers that use AIP and industry that implements and sells the AIP.
  • LCA/Sustainability issues, health and safety (WG3)
    The WG3 Roadmap complements the other roadmaps by focussing solely on sustainability aspects, to help reach the visions of the technological and socio-economic roadmaps.

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