HighTech Printing Technology

25 November, 2016, Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Bridging graphic and functional printing. Fons Put
  • Functional Materials Engineering. Wim Deferme
  • Recyclability of RFID printed antennas. Diana Gregor-Svetec

43rd International Annual Symposium DITP

23-24 November, 2016, Bled, Slovenia

  • ActInPak: Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging innovation and market introduction. Sanne Tiekstra
  • Use of nanocellulose in fibre based packaging: From barrier to active and intelligent packaging. Julien Bras
  • Development of a novel oxygen scavenger and its application to food packaging. Selcuk Yildrim
  • Novel bio-based materials for active and intelligent packaging. Johanna Lahti
  • Material printing – the new opportunities for printing industry. Tomaš Syrovy
  • Sustainability aspects of active and intelligent packaging. Greg Ganczewski

NANOTEC2016 International Conference on Nanotechnology Applications

26-27 September, 2016, Valencia, Spain

  • Palladium Based Oxygen Scavenger Film: Case Studies as Potential Food Packaging Applications. Selcuk Yildirim Application of Biopolymer Nanostructures in Food Sector. Pastrana
  • Potential Applications of Plasma Functionalised Nano Carbons in Smart and Active Packagin. Tim Claypole
  • Hybrid Poly (Lactic Acid)/Grafted Cellulose Nanofibers/Nanoclay Nanocomposites for Controlled Release of Carvacrol in Food Packaging Applications. Jon Trifol
  • Overview on the Polymer Nanofiber Composites Reinforced with Nanocellulose. Youssef Habibi
  • Structuring of Novel Poly (Lactide) (PLA) Blends in Potential Packaging Application Suitable for Injection Molding Processing. Branka Pilić
  • Bio-based mineral oil barrier coatings and films. Vartiainen
  • Nano Crystalline Cellulose (NCC), Bio-Building Blocks for Tomorrow’s Materials. Azerraf
  • Current Development of Aqueous Barriers on Paper. Christian Kossel

PTS Innovative Packaging Symposium; Munich, Germany

6-7 April, 2016, Munich, Germany

Oral presentations

  • PHA as an aqueous dispersion for paper and board packaging application. Filip Jedra, Patrycja Sumińska
  • Printing to improve paper performance. Lou Sherman
  • On the use of electrohydrodynamic processing to produce barrier biocoatings for paper board packaging. Adriane Cherpinski Correa
  • Barrier and antimicrobial paper coatings based on the chitosan derivatives and zinc oxide particulates. Elena Bobu
  • Recyclability of label papers with integrated UHF-RFID printed antenna. Diana Gregor-Svetec
  • UV and visible light dosimeters for packaging application. Michal Vesely
  • Active and intelligent fibre based packaging in pratice. Sanne Tiekstra
  • Selection of carrier materials for active packag-ing systems. Steve Brabbs
  • New approaches in antioxidant food packaging. Cristina Nerin
  • Novel equipment to simulate hot air heat seala-bility of packaging materials. Johanna Lahti
  • Development of novel oxygen scavenger film and potential application in food packaging. Selcuk Yildirim

Poster presentations

  • Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate -co-3-hydroxyvalerate) Nanostructured Films Produced by Electrospinning. Lorena Castro-Mayorga
  • Kraft Cellulose Paper Modification for Food Packaging Application. Cornelia Vasile
  • The Effect of Alginate Based Edible Coatings Enriched with Citral on Storage Life of Strawberries Dulce Antunes
  • Antimicrobial coatings for the thermoformable packaging materials. Patrycja Sumińska
  • Chitosan Irreversible Immobilization onto PLA Films for Active Packaging Applications. Petronela Dumitriu
  • The Effect of Lamination and Varnishing on Printed Packaging Color Appearance. Rozalia Szentgyörgyvölgyi
  • Liquid and gas barrier coatings for moulded-cellulose bottles. Stanislav Landa
  • Development of a lupin protein isolated packaging film. Maria Cortes Vieira


Johanna Lahti participated in two events in April 2016 in Finland:

Selcuk Yildirim and Diana Gregor Svetec: Active and Intelligent Food Packaging: Current Solutions. 11th International Label Conference, 16-18 March 2016, Zell am See, Austria.


Diana Gregor Svetec, Matej Pivar, Tadeja Muck: Suitability of recycled papers for printing UHF RFID antennas. 13th science conference PAZU, 27-28 November, 2015, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Urška Kavčič, Matija Mraović, Tadeja Muck: Printed Smart Packaging. 42nd international annual symposium DITP, 18-19 November, 2015, Bled, Slovenia 

Tanja Pleša, Matija Mraović, Urška Kavčič, Matej Pivar, Tadeja Muck: Fabrication of Printed Switches. 42nd international annual symposium DITP, 18-19 November, 2015, Bled, Slovenia

Selcuk Yildirim, Nadine Rüegg, Bettina Röcker: Use of palladium based oxygen scavenger to prevent discoloration of ham. 29th EFFoST International Conference, Food Science Research and Innovation: Delivering sustainable solutions to the global economy and society, 10-12 November 2015, Athens, Greece

Joana A. S. Mendes, Sara Daina, Daniele Bussini, Giovanni Baldi, Alessandro Adobati, Sara Limbo, Graziano Elegir: Development of Antibacterial Paper Surfaces based on photo-active TiO2 nanoparticles for food packaging applications. SLIM for young 2015 – Special 7th edition of Shelf Life International Meeting, October 21-23, 2015, Monza, Italy.


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